Two Talking Teacups Podcast

Sophia Geron and Sarah Davies share their thoughts through a podcast, Two Talking Teacups. Revamped from their original podcast, Spilling the Tea, the two girls are sharing their stories and the things life is teaching them. Currently studying and living together at the University of Mary Washington they are creating content they believe needs to be talked about and shared. Welcome to the conversations of the Two Talking Teacups.

Find them on-

YouTube: Two Talking Teacups

Twitter: @TeacupsTwo

Instagram: @twotalkingteacups

Episode 1: How We Met

Episode 2: Compliments Instead of Comparisons 

Episode 3: Gifts Not Grades

Episode 4: Wrapping Up the End of the Semester 

Episode 5: New Years Intentions: Progress Not Perfection