Update and Thank You

Mom hugging me at graduation. Hello all! It as been a whole month to the day since I graduated from Mary Washington, and it has been a busy one. Currently I am sitting next to my best friend and sister, Brooke, and her husband, Andrew at a coffee shop in downtown Roanoke, and I am so glad to be here. After I finish visiting with the Coffeys, I am headed to see my friend Sarah in Leesburg and we are going to see Glennon Doyle speak in Falls Church (If you have listened to any of our recent Two Talking Teacups podcast episodes, you know that we fan girl over Glennon all the time). After a quick visit with her, Ben and I are joining my family in West Virginia for a short camping vacation. Normally this kind of week would overwhelm me, but I am currently feeling very blessed.

I usually always have a job, and if I don’t, I usually have one within about two weeks. After two months of job searching, filling out dozens of applications, and trying to find the place where I am supposed to be, I still don’t have a job. This has been the longest I have gone without working and it has been a month of ups and downs of learning how to rest. At first, I was really stressed that I might not find a job soon, but I have amazing people in my life that reassured me that it would be okay. They have encouraged me to rest and to just enjoy the break after five years of almost non-stop work and school.

Dad and I at graduationAnd it has been a wonderful month of not having to worry about school or work. Don’t get me wrong, there have been days where I have been unsure, but I am always brought back to to fact that I have people in my life who support me no matter what. And to all those people, you know who you are, thank you so much. You make my everyday bright and beautiful.

I’m planning on getting back into blogging more often now, so expect to hear more from me soon.

Again, thank you to all the wonderful people in my life.

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