Things I do to get out of a slump

Today was unexpectedly rough, which is okay. It was rainy and grey, I was dealing with some emotions that I didn’t quite understand, and I messed up in class. It wasn’t even a huge mistake, it is something that doesn’t matter in the long run, but it still bugged me. I know that I am a sensitive person and I care a LOT about people who are close to me, so today was just one of those days where my heart ached because of how much I care.

Even though today was gloomy and I was in mood, I was reminded by ways I can pull myself out and focus on the positive pieces in life. Sarah and I recorded a podcast this past Friday about ways we get out of a slump and I had to edit and upload it this afternoon, while I was faced with dealing with my negative feelings. The universe has something up it’s sleeve.

So a few of the ways I get myself of out of a slump is-

  • taking a bath to relax
  • start a new book
  • talk to a friend

What I did today, was make myself a cup of tea and explore a new place. I went and found a yoga studio downtown Fredericksburg and a new coffee shop called- Katora Coffee. It definitely lifted my spirits. I am surprised and happy that even though we recorded this specific podcast a couple days ago, it helped me out when I needed it today. It reminds me that creating things like this podcast can encourage and help people, even if it is just us.

To learn more of the ways Sarah and I try to to to get out of slump, listen to our podcast below. Share what things you do to get out of a slump here or comment on our video. Thank you to everyone for listening and sharing!

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