Gratitude Suns and Getting Back Into the Groove

As awesome as New Orleans was there is nothing like being home and sleeping in my own bed. Jumping back into real life after a whirlwind week threw me way off. I tried to keep up with homework over the break, but it was nearly impossible to be productive while exploring the French Quarter. The moment I got home I hit the ground running and by the end of the week I was burnt out. And it hurt.

Broken Blue Quartz Necklace
Blue Quartz Necklace

My week started out with breaking my new blue quartz necklace by dropping it on the floor. I was sad, but optimistic because it didn’t break too much. Just a little. I should have taken it as a sign. The rest of my week felt like I was trying to play catch up every single second. That is until I got so overwhelmed I just laid on the floor and did nothing. Being overwhelmed with life sometimes feels like you can’t sleep and then you when you finally do you have horrible nightmares. For multiple nights in a row.

As overwhelmed as I was, at some point I picked myself up and started doing homework one assignment at a time. By the end of the weekend I felt so much better because I made a dent in the pile that seemed to tower over me for the entire week. Now I gotta catch up on cleaning. And laundry. I HAVE to do laundry today. I have bought black leggings before because all of mine were dirty, but I think I would probably benefit more from washing all of my leggings today anyways.

Even though I still have work to do, today I feel like I am in a better place. This past week was definitely a lesson in dealing with being overwhelmed and working through everything I have to do without panicking.

Picture of Gratitude Sun I wrote.
Gratitude Sun

One of the things that really kept me grounded through all of the mess and helped me face my heaping tower of work was gratitude suns. Sarah introduced the concept of listing your gratitudes in the shape of a sun to me and I started journaling one as often as I could. It reminded me of the good things in life, how far I have come, how hard I have worked, and all the amazing people supporting me.

My love language is quality time and when I don’t get to spend time with the ones I love, sometimes I start to lose faith in the knowledge that I have so many people who love and support me. That are coming to see me dance next month, that are coming to see me graduate, that are coming to celebrate my graduation, and so much more. Thank you to every person like that in my life. As I began to write out my gratitudes in rays of sun, I realized that I am not alone and even when I feel like a failure, like I am not enough, there are people there to support and love me. Even from far away.

Maybe try to write your gratitudes in a form of a sun or in a list. Whichever you prefer. You’ll probably quickly realize how many amazing things are going for you even in the midst of being overwhelmed.

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