Grateful for Beautiful Moments

This week has been too beautiful not to share. I’ve been journaling this morning and as I looked back on my week I found how there were many small moments that were so lovely and found myself making a list. Here is what I wrote:

A list of beautiful moments from this past week-

  • reading poems, so many different poems. My life has become immersed in poetry since I got back to school and I am reading it on a daily basis now, which has created so many beautiful moments.
  • going shopping for a baby shower gift with my friend
  • gorgeous people offering up their time and expertise to help me out on a project
  • a Valentine’s date with my love
  • calls, text messages, and snapchats from people I love
  • chocolates and a floral water bottle
  • getting to celebrate my best friend’s birthday and reflecting on how grateful I am that she is a part of my life.
  • driving anywhere I need to go and listening to my music on full blast
  • the scent of lavender
  • watching my friends stay positive
  • stargazing and 70 degree weather

I know some of these may seem silly, but I am grateful for every one of these beautiful moments. It reminds me there is grace with each new morning and beauty in everything.

What are some of the beautiful moments from your week that you are grateful for?

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