Spilling the Tea Podcast

Spilling the Tea Podcast is all about sharing ideas Sophia Geron and friends think are worth talking about. The main idea is to make topics such as mental health, school pressure, body image, and women empowerment less taboo simply by talking about them.

Episode 1: The Mushiest Podcast Ever

The first episode is all about how friendship bloomed at UMW. Sarah Davies, Emma Moran, and Sophia Geron all tell the story of how they met and why they know their friendship is going to last. Over coffee, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, they spill and laugh about favorite memories and the love between them all.

Episode 2: Compliments Instead of Comparisons

In this episode, Sarah Davies and Sophia Geron share their thoughts about the idea of body image and how it has affected their lives.

Episode 3: Gifts not Grades

Sarah Davies and Sophia Geron dive into the topic of school pressure and how it affects them. They talk about how people often place their value in what grades they get rather than looking at the gifts they have been given.