A little corner of the internet

This is not the first iteration of this online blog. In college, I got the chance to learn about and create my own website through the Digital Studies program at the University of Mary Washington, which was and still is a highlight of my college life. I created a space that was all my own, not owned by a social media site or any other corporate figurehead, to share my writings, projects, and general life updates. It was one of those creative works I was most proud of.

After a year or so after I graduated, I became consumed by my graduate program and moving into the public library space and my space on the internet became a dusty shelf that I forgot about. With a recent desire to write and put words onto a page, I was reminded how amazing my little corner on the internet was that I created. So here I am, revamping it and making it my own all over again, a timestamp of my current thoughts and musings.

So where I am at currently:

I live in the Richmond, VA area with my dear husband, Ben, not too far from almost all my family, and connect with many wonderful friends who make bring beauty into my life with every conversation. My favorite moments of the day are the first sip of coffee in the morning, a pen on a page, and holding the book I am dragging with me everywhere I go.

Recently I graduated with a Masters of Library Science from Texas Woman’s University, which was one of the many things that grounded me during the past couple pandemic years. I have been working in public libraries for nearly four years now and am a selector librarian.

I am obsessed with stories and language, and the way people make them dance of a page. Stories hold me through every day of my life and always make me long to share mine. Some of my favorites are the ones my mother has told me over and over again about her life and mine, Little Women by Louise May Alcott, and The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. I plan on sharing more as I find them here because I love nothing more than talking about the stories that inspire me.

I plan on making this space as an expression of my art and my love for others’ art, so I hope you stick around to watch it evolve. Thanks for being here and I hope you stop by my little corner of the internet again.